Sunday, October 7, 2012

The colder weather is throwing Sam off

Sam understands many things but when the weather changes he gets thrown off.

When Sam goes to bed or just hanging at home he likes to wear plain white T-shirts and sweatpants. When we are going out or if he has school then he puts on real clothes. This morning Sam woke up on the early side (as usual) about 5 am. It was a chilly morning here. Sam was cold and shivering so I went into his closet and pulled him out a sweatshirt to throw on. He was sitting on the couch watching Cars and I told him I am putting on his sweatshirt so he will be warm. Well as soon as I put it on he thought we were going somewhere. He immediately pulled his sweats off – ran and got a pair of jean, socks & his sneakers. I kept telling him we weren’t going anywhere and he didn’t have school but he didn’t understand it. There he was at 5:15am all ready to go waiting by the front door. I told him we would take Hagrid outside, so we went out into the yard for a few minutes. When we came back in he still wanted to go out. If my hubby was home I would have taken him for a ride but my hubby is away and I wouldn’t leave the house with my other boys home.  Sam looked so uncomfortable all morning hanging out with his jeans and sneakers on while the rest of us were all hanging in our sweats.

I went through Sam’s closet and pulled out all his plain sweatshirts and long sleeve T-shirts. I moved them into his PJ drawer with his sweats and white T-shirts. I am hoping I can get him to understand that these shirts aren’t going out shirts lol they are hanging  home shirts.